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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  January 12, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EST

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last year, not seeing the and the of ice we saw with all of those people over 500,000 people without power early february last year. this is lead to go slippery spots, some problems out there light precipitation at the moment. and we will see some ice through the rest of the morning hours then transitions over to plane rain. so it is a mess, do you need to leave yourself some extra time. i don't expect the kind of impact we had with the ice storm last year. i know a lot of people including myself get little nervous when you hear the word ice after last year, all of the trees down, the power outages, but right now the worse of it will be up into the pocono region. that's the spotty could see getting up to a .10 maybe quarter inch of ice that could lead to power outages. in the city looking at maybe a trace, light rain coming down right now freezing on some surfaces specially colder spots across the area, back roads, bridges overpasses, untreated surfaces, if you didn't treat your front step, your front porch, watch out walking outside this morning temperatures very close to the freezing marks. you don't need temperatures to be below freeze to go get ice to freeze or get rain to
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freeze when it falls. temps have been so cold, the ground is colds, tree branches are cold, everything cold. so when the rainfalls on temperatures like that, it is going to freeze on contact. seeing temps right around 34 at the airport, 32 in reading 32 in lancaster, so talking about the far north and west serbs, upper bucks montgomery county, western chester up to the lehigh valley, freezing rain and sleet could continue through midday, plane rain by at of noon, could see up to a .10 of an inch of ice could lead to problems, specially hazardous travel across the travel icy spots once you start to slip it doesn't take much just little ice is it all it takes to lead to dangerous conditions. morning icy mix today then afternoon, periods of rain temperatures getting into the upper 30 ace, later this afternoon. we do have some better news for the upcoming weekend i'll have the seven day in a few minute, for now we check in on the roads with jessica. good morning. >> good morning thank you 5:32, we go outside start things offer right away out on some wet roadways on 95, right around the airport, you can see, everything starting to build in just little bit. but still moving along great.
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you can see some ponding on the roadways there some water sprague out from underneath some cars. so at least know they're wet little cold, so we know they can be slippery. we do have a lot every accident that are going to pop up across the board southbound northbound lanes moving just fine. now over on the roost boulevard, everything moving well, here souse bound headed tort today the schuylkill expressway, currently no problems, northbound lanes as well. we have a lot of accident. one popped upright on kelly drive near strawberry mansion bridge, and on 422 fire police on the scene eastbound at route 724. there is another crash there. now, currently septa, new jersey transit and dart all running on time with no reported delays, currently no delays at the philadelphia international airport, but we'll be sure keep you updated on any flight delays and see if you're affected by those. back to you. >> we all know the phrase locks can be deceiving right? what looks like rain to you this morning may be more dangerous. "eyewitness news" reporter jan carabeo joins us now in conshohocken with a check on the roads good morning.
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>> reporter: erika, good morning. the bad news, of course, is the timing of this storm. really bad timing. coming during the morning rush. the good news, is that penndot already has it full compliment of trucks on the roads. coming to you live this morning, from the corner of fayette and front streets here in conshohocken, where it has been raining g offer and on all morning long, right now getting little built after break from the precipitation but you can see on the roads there, already that sheen, and as you mention erika you may think it is just water but it is hovering right around the freezing mark here, so some of that is actually ice. we've been down there, it is already slippery this morning. so definitely, build in some extra time to your morning commute. meantime penndot krause had been out all morning long, and all night for that matter, salting, all 182 state trucks are out and a number of contractors have been called in as well. penndot says this is a spreading operation this morning. meaning, these trucks will be out here salting and we see many of them already here in conshohocken alone. and because of last week's
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storm, we're told there actually isn't a need to brine the roads today because there's still a considerable amount of solution left over in brine. take a listen. >> had considerable amount of salt residue on the roadways, remaining from friday. we placed salt down, little earlier in the week on tuesday, when the snow hit the region then we had squawls come in friday morning in which we put salt down, so we thought there was considerable amount of salt on the roadway already, so that did not necessitate the brining operation today. >> meantime, live back out here at fayette street in front street, in conshohocken, see the traffic moving smoothly all be it a little bit slow this morning everyone just being little extra cautious. again, there are going to be number of salt trucks, you can see one just pull through there, leaving that, those salt granules on the road, more than 200 salt trucks will be out here throughout the day, penndot says the safest place to be is to be behind
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those salt trucks, do not pass them. and leave at least six car lent of space, and of course, just build in the extra time once again so you can get to your among destination safely. reporting live in conshohocken, jan carabeo "eyewitness news". >> thank you for. that will let he is update breaking news from south philly. crust spent hours working overnight to fix water main break that sent water rushing into the street in the city's point breeze neighborhood. "eyewitness news" reporter justin finch on the scene at 19th and federal to bring you up to date on that, justin, good morning. >> good morning, yes, at this hour the flooding has stopped that leak has now been contain, but on the street here, there are still signs that far heavy flooding overnight. lot of ponding here, at the corner of 19th and federal but, at this hour, again the flooding has stopped and crews will soon be back out here to fix that pipe that caused so much trouble here overnight. we know that with that water shut off at least 30 resident in this area have been affected, the leak first came down about 12:45 this morning. what caused that break remains
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unclear at this time. but the water department didn't respond to the scene. shutting offer the water flow to the area. that did prevent flooding into nearby homes and businesses, overnight, and they will be back out here, those crews will be, in daylight to get better look at the situation at that pipe and hopefully get those repairs underway back here on the scene. now, back out live, when you are coming through this area of 19th and federal you may notice some roadblocks in the area. that is because police have secured the interested, some of them, to this area, so those crews can work out here and repair the leak out here in this point breeze neighborhood. live in south philadelphia, i'm justin finch cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> justin, thank you. right now 5:37. in business news this morning how president obama intends to toughen cyber security. >> also how wall street wrapped up week number one of 2015. money watch's jill wagner joins us now up at the stock exchange in new york sit hey jill? >> morning. >> hey, good morning ukee,
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erika. the market finish the first full trading week of the year with a sell-off. on friday, the dow fell 170-point, the nasdaq fell 32. there is some more good news though, at the gas pump. prices fell 27 cents a gallon over the last three weeks. with the national average now 2.20 a gallon which is the lowest price in knife queers. analysts say more jobs are possible but probably not as steep. >> president obama is focusing on cyber security. the president is calling for a law that would require companies to inform customers who have been 30 days if their personal data has been hacked. meanwhile, crayola is apologize g after their facebook page was hack, there were several posts with inapropriate content especially for young facebook users. that page, though, has been restored. >> and, for the first time ever tiffany and company is featuring a same-sex couple in it advertising foreign guagement rings. the men featured in the ad are real new york city couples
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high ends jewelry company joins growing list of companies like banana, republic target, to use same sex couples in ads. >> jess, thanks so much. appreciate t talk to you later this morning. >> 5:39 right now. we have new information, this is just in, we have learned that 10,000 french troops have been mobilized to help protect the country from future attacks. yesterday, millions of people filled the street of par its to denounce the three day terror spree that killed 17 people, and left three gunmen in debt in france. more than 40 world leaders led a march through france's capitol to honor those who were killed in the charlie hebdo attacks. they also ram i had for unity and freedom of expression in the face of extremism. >> i've been ready charlie hebdo on and off for years. >> never like this outpouring, but a chance to show the world. >> secretary of state john
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kerry says he'll travel to paris thursday for talks on countering extremist violence. >> just turned 5:40. before you walk out the door, updating today's top stories including the latest on a missing mother. >> also the stars shine on the red carpet. we have the word on the big fashion winners at the golden globes. >> and a lot of buzz this morning, about beyonce. see the mysterious picture that is sparking rumors that the singer could be pregnant again. >> and we're keeping an eye on the roads as some freezing rainfalls this morning. another look from moan weather lab here out on the streets. we'll check in with that lab coming up. we'll be right back.
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i love my sister. 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. >> the search continues for a woman missing from smyrna, new castle county. keisha hamilton vanished on friday. her two children were the subject after amber alert. they're safe and their father is in custody. >> there is also a search underway for missing bucks county teacher christopher tully. the married father of three was remembered at a vigil last night. tully went missing last tuesday. if you have seen christopher tully or keisha hamilton please contact the authorities. >> right now coming up on 5:43 we want to check in with kate. and our great weather watch
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ers out there, good morning. >> yes weather watch ers giving us those on the ground reports from your neighborhood. let's check in with a few maybe someone will be close to where you are. we start off north temperatures below freezing there is from charles 29 degrees, up in bath pennsylvania, looking at 30 degrees, even further north here from keith. in sailors berg, you can see temperatures there below freezing, so any precipitation that falls would fall in a frozen form. keith says car and driveways were snow covered roads are seeing some slippery spots out there, and that's really the case everywhere. we will head into new jersey, mainly rain, but you can see mark in chads worth reporting 32 degrees, the rain falling so temperatures that cold, you could be seeing the threat for some icing even in new jersey. and one more weather watcher to check in with this time in delaware, where it is 33 degrees in milled town, jason reporting again temperatures close to freezing, he says, use caution on your morning commute. could be icy in certain spots. even in delaware, and new jersey. you can see most of this is rain moving into south jersey and delaware, in a little bit of break in the action right
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about here. you can see kind of hole in the precipitation before this is going to start to fill back in. as we head through the afternoon hours. but we are seeing still the icy spots, you can see the pink specially right around the city, and off to the north and west. notice how the precipitation is lightening up a little bit. seeing some holes that is good news, not seeing the steady precipitation but doesn't take much. all it takes is a little built every ice freezing drizzle even can cause major problems on the roadways. hazardous travel. so winter weather advisory for the poconos until 5:00 p.m. lehigh valley, bucks chester 1:00 p.m., in the sit at this goes until 10:00 o'clock this morning. so again what to expect? wintery mix freezing rain, snow even in the poconos lehigh valley, sleet freezing rain transitions to all rain by midday. philadelphia and near boy suburbs freezing rain to rain by late morning. in new jersey, delaware, mainly all a chilly rain. >> our team three weather coverage continues with meteorologist, carol erickson out in the cbs-3 mobile weather lab checking on road conditions.
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hi carol. >> well, how are you yes, we have been driving around, we've seen the speeds reduce to 40 miles an hour on 422 west. and, that coincides with temperatures that briefly dip below the freezing mark, down to 31 now in the mobile weather lab 32 degrees, that's key heading in the direction of pottstown right now, where they've been reporting mixed precipitation this morning and their temperatures also hovering between 31, 32 degrees. obviously the danger zone. i want to show you little graphic now. on narrow portion of 422 at this point, than is about the morning commute. the worse of it would be what you see here. that would be some freezing rain possible, the icy conditions possible, though we've not encountered them. i have to say on 422 eastbound we did see bunch of flashing lights over there. so there may have been an issue on the other side of the road. also of course, hazardous travel can be expected. let's come back out live and
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just follow along here, so you get the idea of how cars are moving this morning. and at this point not even seeing any precipitation. notice that the windshield wipe remembers not going at all, but we've seen days of very cold weather even though it got just briefly above the freezing mark through the philadelphia area, yesterday we are finding temperatures that are at the freezing mark, here, and they've been so significantly below freezing for days and days, especially, north and west of the city, that's where the lingering problems would be precipitation can come down on that gown, that in some cases can still be below the freezing mark. also, these are treated roads a lot of these are treated roads. your own walkway, may be the first step out your door that could be the most dangerous step you'll take all day long. still just take it easy on the roads. when you walk out your door, you are probably going half mile an hour but going about 50 miles an hour here on the road. so, take it easy, the watch word of course as it is every winter and should be probably for every single day of the
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year. let's check with the roads and jess. >> thank you carol. yes, we can't stress enough to you guys just to slow down just little bit even if it doesn't seem like there is much going on, it is definitely slippery and delivery wet. you can see right here at 5:47, going out on the schuylkill expressway, see shiny roadways here right around 202. headed eastbound toward the center city area is where you can see this volume right here. everything still moving along just okay, westbound lanes moving great as well. now, where carol just was out on 422 right past trooper road, everything still moving along great here as well, although you can see some ponding, different spot around the roadways here, westbound moving along great eastbound okay there as well. we have a loft accident popping up across the board we can only be assume that our weather-related, one out in center city on broad street at spruce street, and valley township route 30 bypass eastbound near airport road. vehicle has spun out there. so we can expect police activity on the scene trying get that cleaned up and out of the way. we have water main break out in pennington road route 31
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southbound olden avenue blocking out the right-hand lane. otherwise out in north philly, traffic light are a malfunctioning out 13th street at norris street, come polite will he outment expect police activity on the scene directing traffic. we don't want you to forget when on the road you can get updated information about traffic backups with the new your drive app. make sure to download the app for iphone and android devices by going to drive. >> the words this morning is winners. hollywood honors the best of the year, this year, for movies and television at the 72nd annual golden globe awards. >> and the goal end globe goes to ... boyhood. >> won top honors for best picture respect best director best supporting actress. eddie took home his first golden globe for portraying in the theory of everything. michael keaton also walked away with his first comedy goal end globe for birdman.
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some see the globes as a precursor to the academy awards oscar nominations will be announced on thursday. >> now the globe also opened the award season with print of new fashion trends to watch out for okay, all eyes were on this laid, amal clooney on the red carpet before the show long baggy white gloves, black one shoulder dior gown looking wonderful julie ann moore, sparkly metallics bright whites, dramatic reds. extending last year's deep red trend, oh, sweet outfit thereon her. however, there were number of colors that stood out like purple and yellow. >> did you that quite well. thank you. >> thank you thank you. fashion commentary on the red carpet whenever would you like. >> could beyonce be expecting baby two in posted this pick yesterday on her instagram page of her lying on a beach covered in sand sporting a baby bump there. now, some are speculating queen bee and hubby jay-z could be giving blue ivy a sibling. if so, congratulations, blue
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ivy just recently celebrated her third birthday. >> three years already? >> i know, time is flying. be asking for a car soon. look out goes fastment only few weeks into the new year, some people are already struggling to keep the resolution. >> now, if you are starting to slip on those resolution it is lose weight or get in shape it could be time to bring in a coach. health coach that is. jessica, with laugh yourself skinny health get to the bottom of what's holding you back weight wise. >> without driving themselves crazy or having an obsession around what they're eating and how they're working out. >> tomorrow morning, on "eyewitness news" we are talking with jessica about who can benefit from having a health coach. also we'll let you know how you can get her help for free. >> but you know what i've been saying for years eat light eat right keep it tight. common. >> yes, valid things it do. sometimes you need a little bit of help though. >> sometime you need a coach you do. hey, before you leave home, take another look at traffic
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and weather together, including the latest on this morning's wintery mix. >> eat light be right? >> i'll break it down. >> first what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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5:54 am
afternoon, depending on where you are change over to complete just plane old rain. 38 degrees will be the high today, tonight rain, and sleet, ending, it could mix with some sleet or snow at the end of the storm. and then temperatures drop below freezing after the precipitation ends tonight. the seven day forecast, colder tomorrow windy wednesday chance for few flurries, but then we start to warm things up. hey the upcoming weekend as of now looks real nice with highs back to the 40's, some sunshine. now we check in with jessica. good morning. >> good morning everybody 5:54, we go outside start things off with the ben franklin bridge, everything moving fine, again still we want to urge to you give yourself extra time headed out the door, from the jersey side toll plaza headed on into the city. volume starting to pack in little bit. roadways there definitely are wet. headed into the city currently no problems. 202 right around route 100 southbound lanes everything moving along fine, no problems there, if you're headed northbound, stay there cbs-3 "eyewitness news" w
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>> carol in the mobile weather lack, a look at the roads as the wintery mix moves through our area. need little extra time this morning. kate has your forecast, jessica has your traffic. good morning family, glad you're with us, we'll be right back.
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so you can breathe and do the one thing you want to do sleep. add breathe right to your cold medicine shut your mouth and sleep right. breathe right. and look for the calming scent of new breathe right lavender in the sleep aisle. >> water main break, dozen are affected live on the scene where clean up is underway. >> also this morning, we have our eye on a wintery mix, a live look right now at road conditions, and it really depends on where you are with what you'll see freezing rain, and sleet making for a messy morning commute. >> and storm scan3 shows the mix going to be with us for little while. let's check with kate bilo for breakdown of what we can expect and when morning
6:00 am
kate. >> tracking bit of wintery mix, good news, precipitation has lightened up in many spots, not really seeing much at all. it doesn't mean it is over. unfortunately, still have several hours of this storm to go in fact, could go until after sundown, although, by then it, would mainly be rain. right now dealing with temperatures right around the freezing mark, so you can see offer to the west, mainly where we're seeing the pink shading, some ice some freezing rain, although very light precipitation at the moment. , if the temperature could get well above freezing with the next round every rain, then could be just dealing with plane rain. suburb, dealing with this moving in as freezing rain, as the rainfalls it, will freeze on the colder surfaces that's why we're under winter weather advisory across the entire area really until 10:00 a.m. in the city nearby suburb, 1:00 p.m. in our far north and west suburbs in the lehigh vale then 5:00 p.m. in the poconos.


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